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Secrets of happiness, a novel, Joan Silber

Secrets of happiness, a novel, Joan Silber
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Secrets of happiness
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Joan Silber
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a novel
"The novel begins with the character of Ethan, a lawyer living in New York City who tells us the story of his family's life just as they learn his father - a textile manufacturer who spent long trips throughout Asia - has fathered a secret family from a woman he met on one of his trips and set up in a house in Queens. From here, we move to different related characters as the novel expands outward to the woman, her sons, a few surprise relations, some unexpected twists and turns, ending the novel back with Ethan as he might finally learn the hard lessons of love, family, and, perhaps, happiness. What is the measure of a life well-lived, or well-loved? How connected are we to those around us and can happiness be found in acknowledging and embracing those connections, and what happens when they cannot be seen? What is the true value of family, however it is defined, and how can money and the pursuit of material things guide or obfuscate this equation?"--, Provided by publisher
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